Farm Bureau is the most extensive organization focused on helping all of agriculture thrive. Farm Bureau is Farm Bureau Strong because of the strength of its members. While we don't automatically collect money from commodities, we maintain our important services through dues and donations. Our employees are experts in the areas where you require information, advocacy, and assistance.  Become a Farm Bureau Member today!

Big Savings for GreenFleet Members

February 14, 2018

Who doesn't like to save some of their hard earned money? California Farm Bureau Members can join John Deere's Loyalty Program, free for two years,and realize big savings.

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Find Your Membership Level

January 29, 2018

Who makes a good Farm Bureau member candidate? You do! There's a place for everyone in our Farm ......

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Transition Planning Made Easier

February 26, 2018

How do you begin to talk about a family legacy? Let Nationwide begin the conversation for you....

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What Makes an All-Star Member?

February 2, 2018

A good team member is up front. You can count on a good team member to tell you what’s what, regardless of whether it is good news or bad news....

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