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January 29, 2018

Who makes a good Farm Bureau member candidate? You do! There's a place for everyone in our Farm Bureau organization.

San Luis Obispo County is proud to offer wonderful food and great wine to world. Visitors come here to eat a sumptuous steak balanced with flavorful vegetables. They sample wines that are world renowned. They eat a slice of locally produced cheese and breads baked with local grains. Dessert could be a goat's milk ice cream or pies from fruits picked on a local farm. Sustaining agriculture, in all of its forms, is what we do and what we offer. Farm Bureau is the foremost agricultural organization in the country. Find your place today.

Agricultural Membership                                                                                                         

Farmers and ranchers who receive income from the agriculture industry may join as Agricultural
members. Ag members may serve on the Board of Directors and in other capacities that help shape the future of farming, ranching, viticuture and more. San Luis Obispo County works with its colleague California Farm Bureau Counties to sustain and advance the incomparable bounty of food, fiber and products that make the world a better place. If you derive your income from agriculture, this is the level of membership just for you and fellow agriculturalists.

Associate Membership                                                                                                             

Associate members are those of you with a strong interest in supporting agriculture. Become an active part of our Farm Bureau family with opportunities to engage in discussions, understand issues and dsicovere new information. Work with your Ag clients in a Farm Bureau setting. You also will discover ways to engage new customers and sustain existing relationships through advertising and member mailings.

Platinum  Level Membership                                                                                           
$ 1,500

Concierge service on issues with insights, recommendations and updates on Agricultural issues. Small group discussions and personal inviations to Foodmkaer Dinner Series events.

Business Support Membership                                                                                       

Business support members are businesses (both agriculturally related and non-agriculturally related) that support the protection and promotion of viable agriculture productions in SLO County and California. become active in our events and on our Business Committee. Lead mixers, talk with members, provide materials for sharing to the entire membership on this website and in partner mailings, explore marketing and informational opportunities in San Luis Obispo County Farm Bureau. *** The Business to Business Directory is a great way to show how you work with Ag.



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