National FFA Week

February 23, 2018

More than 653,000 FFA members celebrated the role agriculture plays in our lives, while sharing the message of agricultural education as part of National FFA Week (Feb. 17-Feb. 24, 2018).

National FFA Week is coming to a close officially, but really it's a year-round celebration in San Luis Obispo County. We applaud and support these bright young minds and their dedication to developing into a future leader!

National FFA Week always runs Saturday to Saturday and encompasses Feb. 22, George Washington’s birthday. The National FFA Board of Directors designated the week-long tradition, which began in 1948, in recognition of Washington’s legacy as an agriculturist and farmer. This year, the week kicks off on Feb. 17,2018 and culminates on Feb. 24, 2018.

A group of young farmers founded FFA in 1928, influencing generations that agriculture is more than planting and harvesting — it involves science, business and more. The organization’s mission is to prepare future generations for the challenges of feeding a growing population.

Today, FFA continues to help the next generation meet new agricultural challenges, develop unique talents and explore a broad range of career pathways. Today’s FFA members are tomorrow’s future  in all areas of agriculture - from the fields to the offices to biologists, chemists, veterinarians, engineers and entrepreneurs.

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