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Several changes at the Task Force announced

The San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Dept. Crime Prevention and Rural Crime Task Force announced several changes in the month of October. Long time Crime Prevention Specialist and rural crime expert, Terri Woods retired, handing her assignment on to Crime Prevention Specialist Brandy Swain.

Brandy is new to San Luis Obispo County, moving here from Orange County so her husband could attend a Registered Nursing program. Brandy graduated from California State University of Fullerton and spent five years with the Newport Beach Police Dept. as a community service officer and communications dispatcher. Brandy has attended the Rural Crime Prevention School and is a member of the California Crime Prevention Officers Association. Brandy will work directly with farming and ranching interests and may be reached at 781-4578 or


Sgt. Rex Reece is in charge of the Crime Prevention/Public Information Unit and Rural Crime Task Force. Rex has been with the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Dept. for 25 years, serving as a north county deputy, field training officer and supervising the Special Operations section. Rex is very enthusiastic about our Rural Crime Prevention Unit, supporting the deputies and assigned personnel with training and equipment to accomplish the mission. Rex may be reached at 788-2087 or

Deputy Darren Davidson brings 21 years of law enforcement experience to the unit and has a 4H, FFA and team roping background. Darren is part of the Special Enforcement Detail where he is one of the team’s accomplished marksmen. Darren is a graduate of the Rural Crime Prevention School and may be reached at 305-7407 or

Pete Cramer (not pictured) has been with the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Dept since 1998 and has been trained by the Western States Livestock Investigators Association, and has specialized training in illegal animal fighting, rural crime, domestic violence, active shooter and other advanced law enforcement training. Pete also has a cattle operation of his own and understands the importance of maintaining the lines of communication among that specialized community. Pete is assigned to the coastal areas of the county and may be reached at 805-305-7409 or

Deputy Ed Bryant started his law enforcement career with the City of Morro Bay Police and transferred to the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Dept. in the 1980’s. Ed has a wide range of law enforcement experience and training in mobile field force, narcotics, rural crime prevention, less lethal munitions and is an expert in horses for the unit. Ed maintains his office at the Templeton Sheriff’s station and you can reach him at 805-305-7408 or for rural crime in the North County.

Rob Bryn (not pictured) joins the unit as the Public Information Officer and Crime Prevention Specialist having served several years with the San Luis Obispo Police Dept. Rob is responsible for working with local media to enhance their understanding of law enforcements role in the county and assisting them in providing story ideas that warn the community about certain crime trends. Rob can be reached at 781-4547 or

Marsha Mann (not pictured) is part of our Rural Crime Prevention Grant and has over 10 years of crime prevention and law enforcement experience, most recently with the Fresno and San Diego Sheriff’s Departments. Marsha has expertise in crime free multi-family housing, crime prevention through environmental design and crime prevention survey work. Marsha will assist Brandy with the Rural Crimes Task Force and participate in Farm/Ranch Watch activities. Marsha may be reached at 781-4483 or

San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Dept. Crime
Prevention and Rural Crime Task Force

Important numbers
in an emergency

Crime in Process 911
Non Emergency
24hr Dispatch
(805) 781-4550

Sub Stations

Coast Station
Pete Cramer
2099 10th Street
Los Osos, CA
(805) 434-4290
North County Station
Ed Bryant
356 North Main Street
Templeton, CA
(805) 434-4290
South County Station
Darren Davidson
1681 Front Street
Oceano, CA
(805) 473-7100
Ranch Watch Program
(805) 781-4578
Anonymous Reporting
Crime Stoppers
(805) 549-STOP

Formed in July 2002, the Rural Crime Unit of the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Department has become the answer agriculturalists looking for a resource when confronted with agriculture-related crimes.

Ag crime is defined as any property crime against a farmer, rancher, agriculture-related business or other designated industry that takes place in the unincorporated rural areas of the county and affects the victim's commercial production, distribution or economic livelihood derived from agricultural products, livestock, petroleum, chemicals, farm implements and equipment.

Agriculture deputies are networked with rural crime detectives statewide and work closely with the District Attorney’s office and the Agriculture Commissioner’s office.

In one 12-month period alone, the three local deputies received more than 1,400 calls for service and made an additional  4,345-ag related contacts. That is approximately four personal contacts per day for each deputy. In 2006, the deputies filed 78 ag crime reports, resulting in several successful prosecutions.

This hard work is beginning to pay off. In 2005, ag crime detectives in California boasted a recovery rate of 34percent—twice that of the national average. Local law enforcement is working extremely hard to protect agriculture in California, and working together is the only way to combat this ever-growing problem.

The deputies stress that it is important to document any crime to your property or equipment and report it to the department immediately. Farmers and ranchers should feel comfortable to call into the department after noticing just one offense. The officers’ ability to react to the crime and prevent future losses does not increase when the perpetrators return a second and third time before the report of the crime.


As a precautionary method to deter theft and increase the possibility of recovery, the Rural Crime Unit advocates the application of owner-applied numbers to farm machinery, equipment and household goods. The “Operation ID/Owner Applied Number” program is a nationwide program administered by the California Sheriff’s Association and adopted by the California Highway Patrol, Far West Equipment Dealers Association and the California Farm Bureau.

Marking equipment with identification numbers, taking the extra time to lock up machinery at night and installing surveillance equipment have become a part of the way agriculturalists protect their business. When a crime is committed, these steps help law enforcement in the recovery of property and the arrest and conviction of the individual(s) responsible.