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The Farmer and Rancher publication keeps county members informed on local events and reports on local and state issues concerning farming and ranching in the county. Below is an archive of Farmer and Rancher feature stories and legislative updates that were published in 2008. Click on the links, at the bottom of the page, for 2006, 2007 and 2008 features.

Jack Creek FarmDecember 01, 2008:

Nostalgia - A Place in Time

It was February 1998 that the Farm Bureau Bulletin jumped off the standard ...[More]



Jack Creek FarmNovember 01, 2008:

Passing AB 2168 Affects U-Pick and Farm Stand Operations.

On September 27, it became easier for farmers to sell their fresh produce or certain processed products such as jams, pies and olive oils or even a ...[More]


OlivesOctober 01, 2008:

We Don't Have to Buy Foreign Oil!

Were you one of the children who proudly flaunted five fingers with an olive stuck to each one as you paraded around the holiday table? The olive has truly grown in the United States and specifically... [More]


John_&_Blanche_CaminoSeptember 01, 2008:

Agriculturalist of the Year

The San Luis Obispo County Farm Bureau (SLOCFB) is proud to announce husband-andwife team John and Blanche Comino as the 2008 recipients of the Agriculturalist of the Year award. North County dry land farmers, the Cominos were selected to receive Farm Bureau’s highest honor... [More]

CDFA_Listening_SessionAugust 01, 2008:

Listening...Listening...and Listening

As California goes, so goes the nation. Or as Warren Buffett put it in 2003, “If California has troubles, the country has troubles. If California prospers, the country prospers.” CNN/Money stated in 2003 that with output of about $1.35 trillion in 2001, California’s economy is smaller only than the economies of... [More]

San_Luis_Obispo_LavendarJuly 01, 2008:

Fragrant Flora

You will find lavender missing from the list of the top 10 agriculture commodities in the 2007 San Luis Obispo County Crop Report. This agriculture crop, however, has gained popularity as boutique growers countywide find lavender can be a viable option for small and large producers alike... [More]

Hearst_Ranch_Cattle June 01, 2008:

Hearst Ranch Gears Up for Grilling Season

Summertime grilling season is upon us, and from barbecues around the Central Coast plumes of smoke rise and float along backyard fences enticing neighbors to wonder what’s cooking?.... [More]


San_Luis_Obispo_Daylillies May 01, 2008:

Here Today…Here Tomorrow... Local Daylilies Thrive

Spring has sprung in San Luis Obispo County, and across the area there is evidence of another bountiful year approaching.... [More]


Central_Coast_Avocado_&_Citrus April 01, 2008:

Citrus and Avocado Crops Recover From 2007 Freeze

Most local growers are optimistic about higher yields and a premium price for their 2008 crops... [More]


Jack_Varian_1000_Oaks March 01, 2008:

“1000 Oaks Day” Plants for the Future

Just off the paved road outside Parkfield lives a man who is planning and planting for the future. One tree at a time and one season after another, Jack Varian has developed a passion for sustainability. If all goes as planned, his actions today will grow for the next 400 years... [More]

Central_Coast_Grown February 01, 2008:

Online Farmers’ Market and Resource Center Launched

Searching for the best local strawberries on the Central Coast? Wondering what you’re going to find in season at your local farmers’ market? You are not alone. Until now there were few userfriendly Web resources on which to find locally grown products. That, however, is about to change... [More]

Dec_cover January 01, 2008:

Capturing the Moment

Every day in San Luis Obispo County, presents an
opportunity to capture award winning photos. Improving on her second-place honors in 2006, Misty Tartaglia’s agriculture photo “Best Friends” placed her first in the “Kids and Critters” category... [More]


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