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Nipomo / South County Farm Center

Founded soon after the charters were granted for the initial Farm Centers the South county area formed what is now called the Nipomo/South County Farm Center. Much like other Farm Centers throughout San Luis Obispo County, the Nipomo/South County Farm Center was established to assist in the dissemination of agriculture information from the central Farm Bureau office into the community. The center was also the location of many community functions and served a very important function as a social hub for the area.

The agriculture enterprises that made up the Nipomo/South County Farm Center during its early years were very diverse. The ranches to the East of Nipomo raised cattle and grew barley, hay, peas, pink beans and tomatoes. The Mesa to the West of town raised poultry and grew apricots, while the Oso Flaco area grew irrigated vegetables and dry beans.

By the 1970's, the center became primarily issues based and chose to schedule meetings as needed while still maintaining their end of the year function. Special meetings for the Nipomo/South County Farm Center are held at Jackos restaurant in Nipomo at noon.