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Creston Farm Center

The current Creston Farm Center Chair is Mr. Joe Bello!

Founded in 1922, the Creston Farm Center, like Shandon Farm Center, is one of the original 12 centers. Originally, the charter farm centers were positioned geographically to maximize the exchange of information and representation in the area. Currently the Creston members and the remaining Shandon Farm Center members meet together in Creston.

Agriculture production in the Creston area was home predominantly to grain and cattle operations. Now, much like other areas in the county the landscapes have been changed to accommodate the trellising of grape vines.

The Farm Center meets quarterly on the third Wednesday in a revolving schedule, between the Bello Ranch and the Twist Ranch. The meetings include a business meeting, pot-luck dinner and speaker.

In December, the center hosts a holiday celebration dinner with all the trimmings, traditional gift exchange and singing of Christmas Carols.

Annual Creston Farm Center Christmas Dinner


The Creston Farm Center hosted their annual Christmas Dinner and Sing along at the Bello Ranch. Over thirty Farm Bureau members and their families came for dinner and stayed for a holiday gift exchange. The evening was highlighted with a spirited Christmas Sing along. Happy Holidays from the Creston Farm Center.