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2009 Brings New Responsibility for Farm Team

farm team

2008 almost over?  Yes, we are rounding out the second year of the legislative session.

Once again, Farm Team members contributed to a number of wins for agriculture in the past year. Whether it was writing letters, making phone calls or visiting their elected officials’ district or capitol offices, Farm Team members stepped up to the challenge.

Communication through Farm Team by Farm Bureau members and friends compliment the work done by your Farm Bureau staff, making sure that agriculture’s voice is heard when it comes to policy that impacts your ability to do business.

San Luis Obispo County Farm Bureau wishes to thank our top 10 responding Farm Team members for telling their stories: Charlie Crabb, Jo Bello, Jackie. Crabb, Olivia Gonzales, Nick Guriel, Steven Knudsen, Richard Gonzales, Ric Fuller and Mike Orvis.
Looking to 2009, Farm Team members will be busy!  The San Luis Obispo Farm Team program will serve as a tool to communicate directly with our Board of Supervisors on issues important to the agriculture industry in our county.  At the same time Farm Team members have the opportunity to work on legislative issues at the state level and prepare for future elections and ballot measures.

Not a Farm Team member? Click on Farm Team.

For more information about the Leadership Conference or signing up for Farm Team contact your local Farm Bureau office at (805) 543-3654.

Together, we can make a difference in the halls of Congress, the State Capitol and in our county.  Every person’s participation counts - take part today to protect the farming way of life.